[CYCTIME = {see comment | time}]

The cyctime parameter forms part of the CFTSEND and CFTRECV definition. Use the cyctime parameter to define a cyclic transfer request. A cyclic transfer request is a recurring, periodic transfer request.

The period (time between two transfer activations) is defined by the cycle and tcycle parameters in the CFTSEND object. This period can be expressed in minutes, days, or months.

The validity time slot for this request is defined by the mindate/mintime and maxdate/maxtime parameters and corresponds to the global time during which the transfers are periodically repeated.

To complete this parameter, enter the initial activation time for the cycle of delayed transfers.

If the interval is expressed in:

  • days or months (tcycle = day or tycycle = month), the default value is cyctime = mintime.
  • minutes (tycycle = min), the default value is cyctime = mintime + tcycle * cycle.

Upper limit time for activating the first transfer of a cycle.

For the subsequent transfers, the final date/time is calculated as follows: CYCDATE.CYCTIME + CYCLE * TCYCLE (period value).

If the interval is expressed in minutes (TCYCLE = MIN), the default value of CYCTIME is then: MINTIME + TCYCLE*CYCLE; if not, CYCTIME = MINTIME.


if TCYCLE = MIN and CYCLE = 60, the default value of CYCTIME is MINTIME + 1 hour.

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