Transfer CFT 3.6 User Guide

Welcome to the Axway AMPLIFY Transfer CFT documentation. Transfer CFT is the file transfer component in the Axway AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer platform, and provides a multi-platform, high-volume, file transfer service. This documentation explains how to install, configure, and manage Transfer CFT.

You can configure Transfer CFT and manage flows using Central Governance or Flow Manager. These governance products simplify Transfer CFT usage, and provide services such as identity and access management, certificate management, monitoring, alerting, and a web dashboard. For more information, visit

Additionally, the Transfer CFT User Guide explains standalone options for users who have not yet activated Central Governance or Flow Manager. Axway encourages Transfer CFT users to discover the benefits of centralized management.

Note Visit the Changelog for details on new features in this version as well as previous versions.

For new users

About Transfer CFT

What are governance services?

Use command line

Basic administrative tasks

My first transfer flow

My first file transfer (CL)

CFTUTIL basics and help

For existing users

Configure folder monitoring

Manage multi-node architecture

Use API services

Check platform specifics

Set UCONF parameters




Troubleshooting information

Messages and error codes

Additional resources

Installation and Operation Guides

Transfer CFT Installation Guide UNIX

Transfer CFT Installation Guide Windows

Transfer CFT Installation Guide z/OS

Transfer CFT Installation Guide IBM i

Transfer CFT Installation Guide OpenVMS

Transfer CFT Installation Guide HP NonStop

Migration and upgrades

Impact and considerations

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Go to Axway support to find docs for Sentinel versions earlier than 4.2.0.

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Document version: Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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