Install Transfer CFT in a Docker container

Axway delivers Docker materials so you can build and deploy your own Transfer CFT Docker image.

Docker configuration

This document assumes a basic understanding of core Docker concepts such as containers, container images, and basic Docker commands. You can refer to Get started with Docker for a primer on container basics.

The following sections contain information about creating the Docker environment and the Transfer CFT Docker image:

Install Docker prerequisites

You require the following prior to building the Transfer CFT Docker image:

  • Linux environment
  • Install Git
  • Install Docker version 17.11 or higher
  • Install Docker-Compose version 1.17.0 or higher

Install Git

Operating system Install git

sudo apt install -y git


sudo yum install -y git

For Git installation details, visit:

Install Docker Engine and Docker Compose

Operating system

Docker Engine



For information on Docker and Docker Compose, visit:

Clone the Transfer CFT repository

git clone

cd docker-cft

The repository contains a explaining how to use the materials and the Transfer CFT Docker image, start Transfer CFT, and so on. Please refer to the readme, available at:

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