About the unified configuration tool (UCONF)

Configurable Transfer CFT parameters fall into two basic categories, definable objects or UCONF values. For some Transfer CFT parameters, you can use either method to define parameter values.

When using Central Governance to manage Transfer CFT, some parameter values are specific to UCONF and modifiable only through the Central Governance interface or using the UCONF utility as described in this section.

What is the unified configuration tool?

Transfer CFT features an easy-to-use configuration tool, UCONF, to standardize and merge functioning for all platforms. This interface enables you to makes technical parameter value modifications using either CFTUTIL or the Copilot UI.

About configuration parameter values

You can enter any string as a UCONF value. Additionally, the values that you enter can refer to other UCONF values or even environment variables. For example:

  • $(IDENTIFIER.IDENTIFIER...): references another UCONF parameter value and contains a period in the value name
  • $(IDENTIFIER): refers to an environment variable

You can see in the above example that the difference between the UCONF value and the environment variable is a period “.” in the value name. The UCONF parameter values are then expanded at runtime.

Converting parameters

Several UCONF parameters are automatically converted, or translated, when you enter them as a fname, path,  or directory (dir). This translation enables uniform file specification across platforms:

  • a/b/c becomes a\b\c in Windows
  • a\b\c becomes a/b/c in UNIX

UCONF directory

The UCONF parameters topic contains a complete listing of all options that you can manage using the unified configuration settings. Additionally it provides the possible and default values.


UCONF flags legend

  • EXPERT : Extra care must be taken; only advanced users should change this value.
  • RECONFIG: Can be changed dynamically with a CFTUTIL RECONFIG type=UCONF, and a notification is displayed in the LOG.
  • IRECONFIG: Can be changed dynamically with a CFTUTIL RECONFIG type=UCONF, but no notification is displayed in the LOG.
  • RUNTIME MUTABLE READ_ONLY: Cannot be changed by a user.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Unsupported feature.
  • OBSOLETE: No longer used.
Note By default, all UCONF parameters are static and require a restart. Only parameters with the RECONFIG or IRECONFIG flags are dynamic; for these dynamic parameters only you can use the reconfig command and no restart is required.

UCONF data

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The UCONF data are stored in both a dictionary located in the Transfer_CFT>home directory, and in a runtime file in the Transfer_CFT>runtime>data directory. You should not modify the default values stored in the home UCONF dictionary.

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