Getting started

This Getting started section provides a high level overview on how to create basic flows and check the flow status. For more information on using Central Governance, refer to the Central Governance User's Guide.

Prior to beginning this section, you installed Central Governance and your Transfer CFTs, and checked that the Transfer CFTs registration with Central Governance is complete. Next you can begin setting up your environment for business use.

User interfaces

In this getting started section, you use the following interfaces to configure and then execute your flows.

  • Central Governance UI: This is the UI available after logging on Central Governance that you use to configure flows and monitor Transfer CFT
  • CFTUTIL: Use CFTUTIL, the command line interface for Transfer CFT, to run the transfer commands. The Transfer CFT utility is a program which can be activated in batch or interactive mode. For information on using CFTUTIL, please refer to About the CFTUTIL interface.

Syntax and typographical conventions

For each command, CFTUTIL checks the command syntax and enters the command. Refer to Typographical conventions for the Transfer CFT command syntax conventions used in this document.


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