View transfer status

Each transfer has corresponding information in its record that provides the state (current status) of the transfer. This information is available in the Transfer CFT catalog and allows you to track the transfer. The state provides a way to help troubleshoot your transfer flows.

The following graphic provides an example of changing the transfer status.

About transfer states

For each of the following states there are certain actions that you can perform, as described in Processing commands: general usage.

State Action on transfer Description
A Pre-processing Pre-processing available or is waiting resource to start
D Waiting to start Transfer is ready to be processed
C Processing Transfer is in progress
Y Post-processing Transfer is completed and post-processing is not started, interrupted, in progress, or canceled
Z Acknowledgement Acknowledgement by application that the received file processing is interrupted, not started, in progress, or canceled
X Flow finished The file transfer is finished and all related transfer actions are done
H Interrupted Transfer ready to be picked up by remote partner, or interrupted
K Canceled Transfer is canceled

For information on the relationship between the transfer state and managing transfer request scheduling, see Transfer scheduling.

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