About protocol layers

The communication protocol is structured using a layering schema as illustrated below.

Each layer of the protocol maps to Transfer CFT objects  that provide different services, for example:

  • Session layer is managed mostly by the CFTPROT object.
  • Transport layer is defined in the CFTPART object.
  • Network layer is managed by the CFTTCP (transport) and CFTNET (IP) objects.
  • Physical layer is beyond the control of Transfer CFT, and is not managed by the product.

Protocols and layer as used by Transfer CFT



  • You can add security, between the Session and Transport layers, to provide communication security. This is the CFTSSL object in Transfer CFT.
  • Virtual files are managed by CFTSEND and CFTRECV.
Note When using Central Governance, see the Central Governance User Guide for more information on how to manage the equivalents in CG.

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