Post installation

Verify your installation

  • You can check the installation log in the <installation directory>/install.log file. See the installation troubleshooting section if you encounter problems with starting Transfer CFT or registering with Central Governance.
  • Installed directories

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    Register with Central Governance

    Begin your registration with Central Governance by starting the Copilot server, which launches the registration process.

    Start Copilot

    To set the environment variables from the runtime directory prompt enter:


    To start the Copilot server, run the command:


    Verify the Transfer CFT registration with Central Governance

    Log in to Central Governance

    If you have not already done so, log on Central Governance.

    In Central Governance from the Product page, check the Product List for your installed Transfer CFT.

    See the Troubleshooting installation section in the Transfer CFT User Guide for tips in case of an error.

    Start Transfer CFT server

    To start Transfer CFT from the Central Governance interface, use the following procedure.

    1. Click Products on the top toolbar to open the page.
    2. Select the product (Transfer CFT) to start.
    3. Click Start. When started successfully, the Status column displays Started.

    View log using Central Governance

    1. Click the name of the Transfer CFT system on the Product List page to open its details page.

    2. Click Logs on the right side of the page.

    The log page is displayed where you can:

    • Click Refresh anytime to update the log entries.
    • Sort the entries by newest or oldest.
    • Filter the entries, saving filters for future use.
    NoteFor details on starting, stopping and viewing the Transfer CFT refer to the Central Governance User Guide.

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