Axway products are delivered electronically from Sphere, the Axway support website. A welcome letter notifies you that your products are ready for download.

To install you will perform the following tasks:

  1. Check your license key and authorization.
  2. Check the hardware and system requirements.
  3. Download product.
  4. Install products.

License keys

Before installing or upgrading, make sure you have obtained a license for Transfer CFT. Check that the license key is correct for the features and operating system you intend to install. It is not mandatory to enter the license key during the Transfer CFT installation, but you do require a key to start the product.

For information on applying a license key post installation, or if you have a problem with your license key, refer to the appropriate Troubleshooting topic. Depending on your OS, see:

  • Windows: Applying license key
  • UNIX: Applying a license key
  • z/OS Applying a license key
  • IBM i Applying a license key

Multi-node license keys

Transfer CFT in a multi-node architecture requires:

  • One key per node, and if there is more than one host you require at least one valid key per host
  • Each key must have the cluster option

As of Transfer CFT 3.3.2 SP2, you can use a single key for a multi-node installation. To use a single key for multiple hosts, either:

  • The hostname must not be defined for the key, or
  • The hostname defined for the key matches the hostname of one of the hosts that composes the multi-node instance

Additionally, the key must have the cluster option.


If you have 2 hosts and 4 nodes, you require 4 keys with at least one key per host. Possible key combinations could be:

  • 2 keys that are configured to reference the first host, and the 2 other keys configured to reference to the second host
  • 3 keys that are configured to reference the first host, and 1 that is configured to reference to the second host

Transfer CFT in a multi-node architecture requires a shared file system for use of a multi-node architecture on several hosts (active/active). Additionally, the system must be configured prior to the multi-node installation, and the shared disk ready when starting the Copilot server.

  • Windows only: You must map the shared disk to a drive letter. Windows UNC is not supported.
  • Windows only: The Copilot Service Mode cannot be started as the LocalSystem account.
  • Windows only: If you are running Copilot in Service Mode, you must set up a dependency with the shared disk's service for multi-node.

End User License Agreement

You should read and accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) prior to installing Transfer CFT. The EULA file is in the directory where you decompressed the Transfer CFT package.

Check your authorization

Verify that you can access Axway support at support.axway.com and log in. If you do not have an account, follow the instructions in your welcome letter.

Log in to download or access:

  • The product installation package
  • Your product license key
  • Product documentation
  • Product updates, including patches and service packs
  • Product announcements
  • Axway Supported Platforms Guide
  • The case center, to open a new case or to track opened cases

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