System requirements

The following are the system requirements for Transfer CFT.

About the Transfer CFT environment

Unix/Linux system prerequisites

Transfer CFT requires that you install the appropriate library for your operating system:

  • Linux requires the ncurses library
  • Unix systems, except Linux, require the curses library

Supported operating systems and browsers

Refer to the AMPLIFY Supported Platforms guide available on Axway Support at

Disk space and RAM requirements

Transfer CFT has the following hardware requirements:

  • Disk space requirement
    • 1.5 to 5 Gigabyte: minimum disk space to allow for future updates, SPs, and continued performance
  • RAM Requirement
    • 128 Megabyte: minimum dedicated per host


If you intend to implement EBICS or Secure Relay (UNIX /Windows) you require Java 7, which is delivered with the product (except on HP PARISC and WIN IA64 where only Java 6 is delivered).

Transfer CFT is based on Java technology. To avoid compatibility issues, Axway provides the correct JRE which is available in the component installation directory, <Axway home>/java/<platform name>/jre7, where jre7 represents the currently installed Java version.

Clients that connect to Copilot require Java 7 or higher.

Secure Relay Java prerequisites

When using Secure Relay, Java must be installed in the same environment as the Transfer CFT installation. The Master Agent is managed, but the Router Agent can be in another environment.

Installer screen resolution

When the Installer is run in GUI mode, a resolution of at least 800 x 600 is required.

GUI mode requirement

UNIX only

To use GUI mode on UNIX note the following. GUI mode is supported on Windows, UNIX, and Linux. However, to use on UNIX platforms, the installer requires an X-Window environment. To use an X-Window distributed environment, you must export the DISPLAY environment variable: export DISPLAY=myhost.mydomain:0.0 

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