This topic describes how to uninstall Transfer CFT. If you uninstall a Transfer CFT, you will lose the complete Transfer CFT configuration. To avoid this, save your environment (sample, exit, …) before removing the Transfer CFT.

About uninstalling in Windows

The same user that did the initial installation (or at least the same type of user) must start the uninstall procedure.

Services modification

Some products support an installation in service mode with a user other than the default (Local System Account).

If the domain field is not shown in the products service configuration dialog, then it must be introduced in the username field, using this format:


If it is a local user (a user that was created on the local machine) then the <domain> field can be . or the <hostname>.


Local user: user1



Network user: user2


Before you begin uninstalling, you must stop the servers you want to uninstall.

  1. You can run the installer in uninstall mode using GUI or console mode as follows. Enter:
  2. If you installed products on Windows in service mode, the installer removes the service.

    GUI mode

    UNIX/Linux: uninstall.sh –m gui

    Windows: In the Start menu, select Axway Software > Axway [installation name] > Uninstall

    Console mode

    UNIX/Linux: uninstall.sh –m console


    • uninstall32.exe –m console
    • uninstall64.exe –m console
  1. Click Uninstall when prompted. A warning message displays; click Yes to continue with the uninstall.
  2. Click Next to see the uninstall summary, and Finish to exit.

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