Multi-node options

A multi-node installation architecture allows installing Transfer CFT binaries on several hosts, physical or virtual server, and Transfer CFT runtime files on shared file system.

The multi-node feature allows for executing multiple Transfer CFTs (called Transfer CFT nodes) on one or several hosts. The set of Transfer CFT nodes is called a Transfer CFT instance. See the Cluster installations topic and the Manage multi-node section for details.

Screen Description
Axway Transfer CFT: Multi-node Architecture

Select to enable multi-node architecture.

Enter the number of nodes. The first node is zero, and you may have up to eight nodes.

Enter the host name and address for each node, up to eight nodes. You must enter at least one host.

  • If you are performing a cluster installation and you enable the multi-node option, this creates an active/active Transfer CFT installation. Otherwise, the installation is active/passive.
  • If  you did not perform a cluster installation, selecting the multi-node option creates a local, multi-node installation.

Axway Transfer CFT:
License key

Enter the license key for the Transfer CFT component.

If you have a license key issued for a previous version of Transfer CFT, enter your license key in the Key field and check the Check key option.

You can configure up to eight keys.

Deselect Check key to continue with the installation without a key. However, you cannot run Transfer CFT until you supply the license key.

Transfer CFT 3.3.2 SP2 and higher

As of Transfer CFT 3.3.2 SP2, you can use a single key for a multi-node installation. To use a single key for multiple hosts, either:

  • The hostname must not be defined for the key, or
  • The hostname defined for the key matches the hostname of one of the hosts that composes the multi-node instance

Additionally, the key must have the cluster option.

For example, if you have 2 hosts and 4 nodes, you only need one key that matches one hostname (or no defined hostname).

Transfer CFT prior to 3.3.2 SP2

If you are using a Transfer CFT 3.3.2 prior to SP2, multi-node architecture requires:

  • One key per node, and if there is more than one host you require at least one valid key per host
  • Each key must have the cluster option

For example, if you have 2 hosts and 4 nodes, you require 4 keys with at least one key per host. Possible key combinations could be:

  • 2 keys that are configured to reference the first host, and the 2 other keys configured to reference to the second host
  • 3 keys that are configured to reference the first host, and 1 that is configured to reference to the second host
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For more general information on using multi-node features in Transfer CFT, see About multi-node architecture.

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