Before you start

If you are installing Transfer CFT as part of a managed file transfer solution, you may want to check the installation order and prerequisites. For more information, please refer to the Central Governance documentation.

During the installation process you are prompted to select if you want to enable Central Governance. Please check that your license includes Central Governance and that you have the required information, such as the shared secret, to activate connectivity.

Before you start the installation, you should:

  • Downloaded the installation package from Axway Sphere.
  • Uncompressed or unzipped the package.
Note See also Windows x86 operating system prerequisites for prerequisites including DLL requirements for x86.

Installation package contents

The installation package is a zip archive. Once you unzip it, it contains the product and installer program files.

Installation functions

The installer is used to install, configure, update and uninstall Transfer CFT. You can run the following installation modes:

  • Install
  • Configure
  • Update
  • Uninstall

Installation modes

Locate and run the setup file in the root folder of the installation package.

GUI mode

setup32.exe or setup64.exe

Console mode

setup32.exe -m console or setup64.exe -m console

The setup32.exe is a 32-bit build executable and will run on a 64-bit platform provided that the compatibility layer has been installed.

Run as administrator

The user who installs Transfer CFT must be an administrator on the system where you are performing the installation.

Installed directories

Once you install a product, the following sub-directories are installed.

  • Configuration: Includes the configuration file for each installed product
  • Documentation: User documentation
  • Installer: Files used by the installer
  • Java: The deployed JRE used by the installer and Axway products
  • SilentFile: Includes the silent file for each installed product
  • synInstall: Installer internal files that are used to manage the installed infrastructure
  • Tools: Tools used by the installer to manage infrastructure instances. You can use some of these for example, XDBM and SilentFileEditor
  • Transfer_CFT: the product folders and files
Note If the redistribution package is already installed on your Windows system, there is no need to reinstall.

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