Governance services

Central Governance is the management platform for Transfer CFT, Axway's multi-platform, high-volume, file and message transfer service. This section describes the services provided by combining Transfer CFT with Central Governance, and how to activate these services after installation. Additional information includes:

  • About governance services - This section provides a high level overview of the MFT reference solution and how both Central Governance and Transfer CFT fit into that architecture and deployment strategy.
  • Exchanges using Central Governance - This section introduces the types of recurring exchanges that occur between Transfer CFT and Central Governance.
  • Central Governance registration concepts - Describes the Transfer CFT to Central Governance registration process, which is the first exchange and begins when CopilotTransfer CFT UI initiates a request to connect with Central Governance.
  • How to activate Central Governance - Describes the procedure to activate Central Governance connectivity following a Transfer CFT major version migration.
  • Central Governance parameter mapping - This guide provides tables that list and describe the Transfer CFT fields that you can configure in the Central Governance user interface, and the corresponding Transfer CFT CFTUTIL parameters.

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