About governance services

In this guide, flow refers to the complete interaction between the source and target applications, more specifically Transfer CFT systems, to enable data exchanges between business applications or partners.

Managed File Transfer services

Managed File Transfer services, using a blend of Axway products, can centralize flow definition and configuration deployment for Transfer CFT (file transfer) engines.

You can use Central Governance in your MFT architecture to easily create and deploy flows. You then trigger your flows at the system level.

Multiple Transfer CFTs can send events from the data exchange environment towards Central Governance

Note Connectivity may include connection to other or third-party products that are outside of the MFT reference solution.

Additional documentation

  • AMPLIFY Supported Platforms
  • Central Governance documentation

Governance exchanges

The following types of exchanges occur between Central Governance and the managed Transfer CFTs:

  • Flow management
  • Certificate management
  • Configuration management
  • Update management

See Exchanges with Central Governance for more information.

Overview and practical considerations

Begin by planning your MFT architecture and deployment strategy. Then, after installing Central Governance, the following steps occur:

Feature support and management

Transfer CFTs running under Central Governance, either after a migration or a new installation, can manage or have support for the following features.

Feature  Manage using Central Governance Supported but not configurable using Central Governance
Folder monitoring yes yes
Multi-node architecture no yes
CRONJOB no yes
Exits no yes
Network features
IPv6 yes yes
pTCP (UNIX/Windows only) yes yes
UDT   (UNIX/Windows only) yes yes
SOCKS no yes
Heartbeat embedded yes
Secure Relay no yes
TrustedFile no


PassPort AM embedded no (*)
PassPort PS no yes
Sentinel embedded yes
Composer no no
PeSIT yes yes
ODETTE no yes
EBICS no yes

* If you perform a migration or upgrade from a previous version, you must migrate your PassPort AM.

Legacy flows

Legacy flows refer to former flow definitions available in migrated Transfer CFT systems. Central Governance can manage the following use cases:

  • Via the Central Governance user interface, you can add and manage partners, and use send and receive templates for a given Transfer CFT.
  • You can migrate Transfer CFT flow definitions to the Central Governance flow-management process.

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