Create a broadcast flow

Click Flows on the top toolbar to open the Flows Monitoring page.

  1. Enter general information about the data flow, such as a name.
  2. Select the source as the initiator of the flow.
  3. Select Source and click Edit. For this example, define MainOffice as the Source.
  4. Select multiple targets. In this example, add both and Store_66 and Store_89 as Targets.
  5. The source is the owner of the data being transferred. The target is the receiver of the exchange.
  6. Click Save.

To enable a broadcast:

  1. Select the Source, in this example MainOffice.
  2. Select Transfer properties.
  3. In the Broadcast list section, select Enable (Yes).
  4. Enter a name in the Name field, calling the broadcast MainOffice_news.

Tip   You can refer to the Transfer CFT to Central Governance parameter mapping Flow definition: Target and Flow definition: Source to further customize your flow.

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