Exchanges with Central Governance

In addition to registration, there are other types of recurring exchanges that occur between Transfer CFT and Central Governance.

  • Registration
  • Configuration and flow deployment
  • Heartbeats
  • SSL certificate renewal
  • Apply SPs and patches


Set the parameters for Central Governance connectivity during your Transfer CFT installation. For conceptual details on the process refer to the Register with Central Governance section.

If you are migrating a Transfer CFT, refer to the Activate Central Governance connectivity section.

Configuration and flow deployment

From Central Governance you can modify Transfer CFT configuration and create flows. Deploying these pushes these modifications (for example, the equivalent of a uconfset command for a configuration change) to the Transfer CFT.


The Copilot acting as the Central Governance connector sends a unidirectional heartbeat to Central Governance indicating that the server is up and running.

SSL certificate renewal

Certificate and key renewal can refer to business and/or governance certificates. The request is initiated by the Copilot.

Note The Transfer CFT must be registered.

Automatic certificate renewal

When Copilot is started the certificates expiration dates in the PKI base are checked, and a renewal request is scheduled. The request schedule is dependent on the value set in the UCONF parameter cg.renewal_period, where the default value is 60 days. This represents the number of days before the certificate renewal process occurs relative to the expiration date. Each certificate has a defined expiration date which may differ, and renewal occurs independent of one another.


In the case where uconf cg.renewal_period is set to 60 days, the renewal procedure executes 60 days before the certificate expiration.

Manual certificate renewal

To force a certificate renewal, execute the following commands. To force an immediate renewal, use a date that occurred in the past.

Note The datetime used for the renewal is in UTC and not local time.

Set the following parameter to renew the governance certificate


Set the following parameter to renew the business certificate<YYYYMMDDHHMMSS>

Apply SPs and patches

Central Governance can apply updates, including service packs, patches, and version upgrades, remotely to registered Transfer CFTs. Simply download the service pack, patch or upgrade files from the Axway support website, and then upload the files to the Central Governance update repository.

Note Available on Unix and Windows, though this service is not available for multi-node.

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