Tracking and monitoring services

Central Governance provides visibility services for Transfer CFT flows and status.

Central Governance provides:

  • Monitoring of registered Transfer CFTs status through heartbeats. Transfer CFT and its Copilot send heartbeats via the persistent mutually authenticated connection with Central Governance.
  • Deployment monitoring for:
    • Configurations: The state of the last deployment configuration on a Transfer CFT instance.
    • Policies: The state of a policy deployment on each Transfer CFT linked to the policy.
    • Flows: The state of a flow deployment on each Transfer CFT the flow uses.
    • Updates: The status of an applied update.

Transfer CFT offers transfer tracking, auditing (for configuration changes), and monitoring features that provide end-to-end transfer visibility, where additionally you can link transfers with your applications.

For more information on Central Governance functionality and features, refer to the Central Governance 1.1.3 documentation.

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