User interface options

Select the appropriate user interface according to tasks you want to perform.

Configuration, monitoring, and flow management

Central Governance

Central Governance is an Axway user interface that provides a complete set of services to govern Transfer CFT. For more information, see Governance services.

  • For details on creating your first Transfer CFT flows using Central Governance, see Getting started.
  • For details on integrating Central Governance with Transfer CFT, see Integration overview.
  • Refer to the OS specific installation guide for instructions on how to activate Central Governance connectivity and register your Transfer CFT.

Runtime activities

Browser based user interface

Transfer CFT features a web browser user interface as of version 3.3.2. You can use this interface to track and manage transfers and consult the Transfer CFT log.

CFTUTIL interface

The CFTUTIL interface provides a batch or interactive line-mode interface to execute Transfer CFT operating commands.

The CFTUTIL commands that are described in this documentation are collectively listed in the topic Command index. You can use this as a quick reference to find command syntax and parameters.

Web services interface

You can use the Web services option to open a Transfer CFT session. Using Transfer CFT Web Services, you can access all main functions for managing Transfer CFT. These functions include:

  • Monitoring Transfer CFT: consult the log, the catalog, and transfer statistics
  • Creating transfers: create a new file transfer, a message, or transfer reply

The Web Services requests sent by the client are processed on the Transfer CFT UI server listening port.

Application Programming Interface

An Application Programming Interface, or API, is a way to interface your application with Transfer CFT. In Transfer CFT APIs operate as a set of functions that use a service.

In Transfer CFTs you can use APIs to create customized and automated transfer and monitoring services for a more tightly knit application integration.

Copilot graphical user interface (former UI)

The Copilot UI provides a graphic user interface that enables you to administer, configure, and monitor your product via a Windows style interface. The GUI allows you to visualize and manage from a remote user workstation.

Copilot operations include:

  • Configuration of networks, sites, and host machines
  • Messaging
  • Configuration for partners and exchanges
  • Processing
  • Monitoring of your information system

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