Create a flow to transfer multiple files

This flow allows you to send multiple files to a defined application. In this scenario, the Store_66 application sends several files to the MainOffice target.

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Create a flow.


In Central Governance click Flows > Add flow.

Create a flow named multiple_files_flow, and give it the identifier flow02.

Define Store_66 as the Source, and MainOffice as the Target.



Enable a multiple files exchange.


Select the Source, and then File properties.

Under Filename select Multiple.




Deploy the flow.


In Central Governance click Deploy to save and deploy.





Add three files for the exchange.



Create a folder, you can name it Store_66, in the Store_66 Transfer CFT runtime/pub directory.

Copy three test files to this folder, for example SALES_report, DAILY_news, and INVENTORY.







Execute the SEND command.



From the source Transfer CFT, run the following command:
CFTUTIL SEND part=<instance_target>, idf=flow02, fname=#pub/Store_66/*

Remember to replace <instance_target> with the Transfer CFT instance for the target as it displays in your application list.


6 Monitor the transfer status. In the Central Governance Flows tab, click Monitoring to check the status of the file exchange.

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