Troubleshoot installation and registration

This section lists some possible post-installation issues along with corresponding corrective actions when applicable. If corrective actions do not remedy the issue, check the Support tools section for more information, or contact support at

Copilot server issues

Copilot doesn't start

  • Check that the port is not already used by another application.
  • Close all active sessions, use the syntax: copstop -f
  • Check that there are no orphan "cop*" processes. If there are, manually kill these processes.

Central Governance

Troubleshoot the registration

If Copilot starts, but the Transfer CFT either does not display in the Central Governance Product List or registers in error:

  • Verify the Central Governance IP address (or FQDN) used in the Transfer CFT configuration.
  • On the computer running Transfer CFT, check that you can reach Central Governance at the IP address used in the Transfer CFT configuration.
  • Check that the Transfer CFT appears in the Central Governance logs. If not, typically this is because the Transfer CFT is unable contact Central Governance.
  • In Central Governance check Administration > Services to ensure that Central Governance is correctly started.
  • Verify the shared secret for Central Governance used in the Transfer CFT configuration.
Note See the Central Governance documentation for additional information and details.

Registration fails after installing in service mode when using a firewall

Windows only, firewall enabled

Transfer CFT cannot register in Central Governance when installing Copilot in service mode.

  • Preventive measure: Deactivate the firewall to perform the registration.
  • Workaround: If you encounter this error, perform the following steps to register:
    1. Stop the Copilot Windows service.
    2. Manually start the service in a DOSBOX to register.
    3. Accept the authorization from the Windows firewall.

Re-register with Central Governance

When Central Governance sends the SSL certificates to Transfer CFT, the uconf:cg.registration_id parameter is set to a positive integer. If an error occurs, the registration process ends in error. To repeat the registration, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop Transfer CFT.
  2. Stop Copilot.
  3. Set the uconf:cg.registration_id to its default value (-1) using the command:
  4. CFTUTIL uconfunset id=cg.registration_id

  5. Start the Transfer CFT Copilot. Copilot starts the registration process.

More information

For more information on Central Governance, refer to the Central Governance1.1.3 documentation.

All Central Governance interoperability parameters are configured with uconf value settings. For more information, refer to the topic UCONF Central Governance parameters.

Transfer CFT server

Cannot start my Transfer CFT

  • Check your Transfer CFT log in Central Governance.
  • From the local Transfer CFT runtime, try to manually start the server. If you cannot manually start the server, refer to Support tools in the Transfer CFT User Guide.

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