Rebuild the runtime

This section describes how to rebuild the unified configuration environment. You may need to use this process after accidentally erasing critical files, to deal with corrupted files, or after a disk failure.

Create or regenerate runtime uconf environment

UNIX and Windows only


cftruntime <cft-install-dir> <cft-runtime-dir> [-profile|-n <name>|-uconf|-inst]


  • cft-install-dir: Is the full Transfer CFT install path and must exist.
  • cft-runtime-dir: Is the full Transfer CFT runtime path and does not exist.


  • -profile: Creates a new profile.bat/sh and backs up the old one.
  • -name: Creates a new profile with the <name> of your choice.
  • -uconf: Regenerate the uconf file.
  • -inst: Creates the initial runtime environment, which is used exclusively by the Installer.
Note You must use double quotes when indicating a path that contains spaces.

Example 1

In a Windows environment, regenerate the cftuconf.dat uconf file as follows:

cftruntime c:\AxwayCFT301\Transfer_CFT\home c:\AxwayCFT301\Transfer_CFT\runtime –uconf

Example 2

In a Windows environment, create a new runtime called runtime2:

cftruntime c:\AxwayCFT301\Transfer_CFT\home c:\AxwayCFT301\Transfer_CFT\runtime2

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