Manage license keys

When do I need a key?

You need to apply a valid license key to Transfer CFT in the following situations:

  • You perform an initial Transfer CFT installation.
  • A hardware upgrade changes the CPU ID (CPU serial number).
  • After a year passes, to replace an expired license key.
  • To ramp up a Transfer CFT Disaster Recovery instance (for example, on a DR LPAR for z/OS systems).
  • If you are migrating from a version 2.x Transfer CFT to a version 3.x.

Obtain a key

  1. For a new installation, install Transfer CFT.
  2. After completing the installation, or for an existing installation, use the command cftutil about to retrieve your system information. For details see the examples below.
  3. Contact the Axway Fulfillment team at the appropriate email address to obtain a valid key.
    • For a US key, contact:
    • For an EMEA or APAC key, contact:
  4. Provide the hostname where Transfer CFT is to be installed or updated.
  5. Provide the list of characters in the CPU ID.

Find product details

To check the Transfer CFT version, as well as the license key and system information, enter the command:


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