Automated functions

This topic describes how to use a batch procedure in Transfer CFT Windows.

Batch procedures started by Transfer CFT

After a certain number of Transfer CFT events, such as transmissions, receptions, SWITCH commands, for example, Transfer CFT can automatically start batch procedures. These are defined in the parameters.

When these batch files are started, Transfer CFT generates a temporary batch file name into which it copies the content of the initial batch file, having resolved the symbolic variables which may have been invoked. Once executed, by default, Transfer CFT deletes these temporary batch files.

Non-deletion of temporary batch files after execution

Environment variable


The CFTNODEL environment variable is able to stop Transfer CFT from definitively deleting the temporary file, it is usually deleted after it has been submitted and executed.

Updating batch procedures launched by Transfer CFT

When automatic procedures are started, Transfer CFT performs the following operations:

  • Reads the batch file concerned
  • Specifies and creates a unique name for the temporary file

The unique name for the temporary file is specified by specifying a prefix in the form of CFTnnnnn, where nnnnn is a number between 0 and 99999. Each time a prefix is generated, the number nnnnn is incremented by 1. The following processes occur:

  • Content of the batch file in which the symbolic variables have been resolved is written into this temporary file
  • Temporary file executes
  • Temporary file is deleted

If you have trouble using the batch procedures:

  1. Start the batch file to be implemented manually and watch the effect this produces.
  2. To observe the effect of the substitutions by Transfer CFT of the symbolic variables, use the CFTNODEL environment variable.

Using symbolic variables in batch files started by Transfer CFT

Do not set an operating system variable directly into a batch file started by Transfer CFT.

If you do not take special precautions, there is a risk that a temporary file will be generated to Transfer CFT, where it provokes an illegal operation when submitted to the operating system. Such submission can be automatic or manual, it is still an illegal operation.

You can still use environment variables, provided that they are set in a different batch file to that started by Transfer CFT. The batch file started by Transfer CFT calls the batch file containing the environment variable settings.


/* BATCH started by CFT */
call pos_env

/* BATCH pos_env called by the batch file started by CFT */

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