CFTUTIL is a command line mode user interface used to create the Transfer CFT working environment manually and configure the product. It allows you to create or delete a parameter, partner, catalog, log and accounting files.

The following operations can only be carried out when Transfer CFT is shut down.

  • Modify or add certain parameters
  • View the parameter, partner, catalog, log and accounting files
  • Send commands to the monitor


CFTUTIL is started up by entering CFTUTIL directly from the Transfer CFT program directory or from any other directory if the PATH environment variable includes the path pointing to the Transfer CFT programs.

CFTUTIL can also be activated in a shell procedure.

Line mode input

CFTUTIL accepts line mode commands. The CFT > prompt enables you to enter any commands online and validate them by pressing ENTER.

To exit CFTUTIL, enter the /end command.


     % CFTUTIL
Release 2.4.0 2006/12/01
(C) Copyright Axway 2000-2006
CFT> send
CFTU94I SEND part =HEADOFFICE,idf=TX _ Correct
CFT> /end

Run-time parameters

CFTUTIL can also accept commands passed either individually as parameters or in a command file:

  • Command passed as a parameter:
    The command line is passed as a CFTUTIL parameter using the following syntax:

    CFTUTIL command parameter=value, parameter=value,...


CFTUTIL listcat part=headoffice, direct=send

This command displays a table of scheduled (or performed) transfers to the headoffice partner

  • File passed as a parameter

The following command runs the CFTUTIL utility, which reads the commands to be executed in the scen.cft file and displays the results on the screen:

CFTUTIL @scen.cft

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