Client/server variable additions

To allow recent clients to dialog with older servers, several additions have been made to the environment for Transfer CFT releases on UNIX systems. This topic describes the additional environmental variables for the Client/server model.

These additions are mainly used when creating a:

  • cftinq.cfg configuration file
  • CFTDIRINQ environment variable

Client/server environmental variables

cftinq.cfg configuration file

The cftinq.cfg file is found in the <installdir>/runtime/data/ subdirectory. When Transfer CFT is running normally, not in client/server mode, the appropriate values for your local Transfer CFT are automatically set in this file.

CFTDIRINQ environment variable

When Transfer CFT is installed, an environment variable called CFTDIRINQ is automatically set. By default, not in client/server mode, its content points to the Transfer CFT <installdir>/runtime/data/ subdirectory containing the cftinq.cfg file.

Client/server mode

To enable a client to dialog with a server, the CFTDIRINQ variable must contain the path pointing to the cftinq.cfg file of the remote server, as provided by the remote site administrator.

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