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This section describes the tools available to help you collect information and contact support if you are unable to troubleshoot an error or issue.

Accessing the Axway Support site

In the Axway Sphere Support web site, click to select Contact us for the email address and phone number of your nearest Axway support site.

Opening a Support case

Before contacting Customer Support, we suggest that you start by using the Axway online patch library to see if there is a patch available for your problem, or by searching for a solution in the Knowledge Database. If you still need to contact Support, have the following information available if possible:

  • Product version
  • Operating system
  • cft_support (see Support tools)

To submit a Support request, you can do the following:

  • Submit and track your request through the Axway Support Web site
  • Each time you submit a support request, that request is assigned a unique number. Use this specific number when you contact Customer Support concerning that case.
  • You must have a user account to submit a Support request.

Using cft_support

The cft_support tool collects all of the needed information from the customer's Transfer CFT installation environment, including the static configuration (PARM/PART), Unified Configuration parameters (UCONF), catalog information, communication media file status (CFTCOM), log files, execution environment (variables), disk space, and so on. This information is then packaged into a archive file called cft-support-<date>(.tar.gz|.zip).

Note When using the cft_support tool on other Operating Systems, refer to the OS-specific guide for the correct syntax.

Using Copilot

From the Copilot UI, click the Debug command icondebug icon. The report is saved in the Transfer CFT runtime directory, after which you are prompted to download the report to your desktop.

Using command line

In command line, enter: cft_support collect [options]


  • --help: Display this help and exit.
  • --cat-filter: Filter the CFTUTIL LISTCAT output. See LISTCAT, or enter CFTUTIL HELP CMD=LISTCAT, to view available parameters.
  • --cat-debug-filter: Filter the CFTUTIL LISTCAT CONTENT=DEBUG output. This option overrides --cat-filter.
  • --no-core-analysis-gdb: Do not use gdb to analyze the cores. Unix only
  • --no-core-analysis-dbx: Do not use dbx to analyze the cores. Unix only


Only collect information for a given transfer:

cft_support collect --cat-filter="IDTU=A0000001"

Collect information for all transfers in error for a given partner:

cft_support collect --cat-filter="DIAGI=ERROR, PART=PARIS"

Collect transfer information related to a given IDF for all transfers in a brief LISTCAT, and only those transfers in error in a debug LISTCAT:

cft_support collect --cat-filter="IDF=BIN" --cat-debug-filter="IDF=BIN, DIAGI=ERROR"


The command CFTSUPPORT executes a program located in CFTPGM. This program generates a tar file in the IFS environment with all the necessary information for Axway.

Note CFTSUPPORT is currently not supported with an independent ASP (IASP).


Run the JCL XSUPPORA. You can transfer the resulting file to a Windows system, zip, and attach to an email request.

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