Collect information

Transfer CFT generates messages that provide information about the processes and events that occur on the Transfer CFT. These messages are collected and stored in a log file. If you are using Central Governance, in the Products List page select the Transfer CFT in question. In the Transfer CFT page, select Logs in the right pane to view the Transfer CFT logs.

Transfer CFT also generates messages that provide information about the state of a transfer. These messages are collected and stored in a catalog file. From the Central Governance main menu, select Flow > Monitoring > and then the type of View, for example View all flows in error for a given application.

Getting information when an error occurs

All Transfer CFT error messages and diagnostics are listed in the section Messages and error codes. If an error occurs in Transfer CFT that you cannot correct using the diagnostic information provided there, see Performing checks below.

As you go through the questions in Performing checks, note your responses. If you need to submit a Support request this information can help you to save time.

Documentation lists related documentation that you may want to consult.

Performing checks

To better help you resolve an incident, you can print and use the following table. It can serve as a guideline for gathering information, which can help you if you need to file an incident report.

Step Your remarks
1. Identify the symptoms

Did the system crash?


Is the error message due to a transfer request, a transfer in server mode, or other?


Is Transfer CFT functioning abnormally?


Is the symptom persistent?


Can you reproduce the symptom?


2. Locate the problem

Which component and function are concerned?


Can you identify the source of the problem?


Can you bypass the problem?


3. Find the cause

Has your system or Transfer CFT recently been re-configured?


Have you installed a new component, either hardware or software?


Has the problem only recently occurred, or has it existed for some time?



If an error occurred while running Transfer CFT in Central Governance, you may also want to consult the Central Governance documentation.

Some corrective actions may be operating system specific, so you may also want to refer to:

  • Windows operations in the Transfer CFT 3.3.2 User Guide
  • UNIX operations in the Transfer CFT 3.3.2 User Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 z/OS Installation and Operation Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 IBM i Installation and Operation Guide

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