Use case: replace variable and zip file

Example in UNIX

This use case demonstrates how to replace a variable in a file, and then zip the file prior to processing the transfer.

  1. In a command line window, enter: cd $CFTDIRRUNTIME
  2. Create your sample file: echo “Hello _user_” > Hello

    In this example the Hello file is in $CFTDIRRUNTIME.

  3. Create and display your sample script cat

    ! /bin/sh

    if [ "&APPSTATE" = "" ]; then

    CFTUTIL end part=&PART,idtu=&IDTU,istate=yes,appstate="0%"


    if [ "&APPSTATE" = "0%" -o "&APPSTATE" = "" ]; then


    sed s/_user_/&PART/g <&FNAME >$tmpfile

    CFTUTIL end part=&PART,idtu=&IDTU,istate=yes,appstate="50%",fname=$tmpfile




    if [ "&APPSTATE" = "50%" -o "&APPSTATE" = "0%" -o "&APPSTATE" = "" ]; then


    tar zcvf $outputfile $tmpfile

    CFTUTIL end part=&PART,idtu=&IDTU,istate=no,appstate="100%",fname=$outputfile

    rm $tmpfile


  4. Execute the following command, where preexec points to your script:

    CFTUTIL send part=paris,idf=test,fname=$CFTDIRRUNTIME/Hello,preexec=$CFTDIRRUNTIME/


The script replaces _user_ in the Hello file with the PARTNER name, and then compress this modified file. At the end of the preprocessing , the tar file is sent to the partner. The partner can set an exec for this idf, test in our example, that will untar the received file.

Note Notification is done by the CFTUTIL end istate=no, where no is the default istate value.

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