Managing bandwidth sessions

This topic describes bandwidth session concepts. For parameter details, see the topic About bandwidth control.

In Transfer CFT, bandwidth control can occur at the following levels:

  • Global
  • Class
    • Partner
    • Session

The use of minimal dynamic control implies that:

  • Netbands can be reconfigured dynamically
  • Partners can change netbands, but the new class only applies to new transfers

Every session, as shown here, is linked to a partner. Partner are linked to a netband, which can optionally link to a parent netband.

  • n= netband
  • p = partner
  • s = session

Within a class (netband, partner, session), the bandwidth is shared evenly, and is proportionate to its relative rate. This ensures fairness between sessions for a partner, between partners in a netband, and between netbands in a netband. The following rules apply:

  • A maximum rate can be specified for a partner, session, or netband level
  • Every session and partner in a given bandwidth class (netband) have the same properties: rate, max-rate (in/out)
  • A netband can be specified at each level (SEND/RECV, and transfer properties)

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