Manage transfer states

Topic Description

Restarting transfers

Restarts transfers in the H or K state in the catalog

Deleting catalog entries

Deletes one or more catalog entries

Suspending transfers

Suspends one or all of the send and/or receive transfers with selected partners

Submitting an end-of-tranfser

Submits an end-of-transfer procedure for each selected transfer

Declaring executed transfers

Declares that all the operations related to the end-of-transfer, send and receive, have been executed correctly

Halting a transfer

Suspends one or all the send and/or receive transfers, with the partners selected

Retrieving a blocked request

Retrieves, in server mode, a blocked send request that has the hold status, if the diagnostic codes are not null

Suspending a catalog request

Suspends a transfer in the catalog

Deleting a transfer request

Deletes a transfer request from the communication file

For details on the transfer states in Transfer CFT, refer to Transfer states topic.

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