RECV - Receive files

This command is used to request the reception of files from a designated partner.

Note When using the PeSIT protocol, you cannot create a request for messages or replies.

The RECV command is executed at the level of a receiver/requester (requester because it initiated the connection). The partner is therefore the sender/server.

The characteristics of a receive transfer request can be specified in the RECV command itself or in the Central Governance flow definition, where the IDF is equal to the flow IDENTIFIER.

When receiving files you can define parameters related to the following categories.

Free parameters for the Transfer CFT user, such as adding comments to the transfer:

  • Sent to the sender
  • Local parameters

Execution control parameters, such as specify the scheduling time for a transfer:

  • General
  • User
  • Schedule management
  • Data processing parameters

Parameters associated with the file received, for example the file name:

  • File management
  • Physical name
  • Physical characteristics (whole file)
  • Physical characteristics (records)

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