This section provides information on implementing security with your Transfer CFT system, and is comprised of:

  • Overview - Describes file transfer security concepts, and the types of transport security that you can implement with Transfer CFT.
  • Encryption for data at rest - Describes how to implement Axway Trusted File encoding. Transfer CFT in conjunction with Trusted File enables you to send encoded files in S/MIME, CMS, and OpenPGP format, for increased security for data exchanges.
  • How to implement a proxy - Introduces proxy and SOCKS concepts, and describes how to set up a proxy and implement the SOCKS protocol (either version 4 or 5).
  • DMZ integration - Describes integration of the Axway DMZ product, Secure Relay, with Transfer CFT. DMZ integration enables a firewall-friendly access to Transfer CFT as well as SSL termination. This allows for secure SSL access to Transfer CFT without Transfer CFT needing to perform SSL or PKI access procedures.
  • How to disable SSL 3.0 - Describes how to disable the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0.
  • TLS support - Describes TLS support in Transfer CFT.

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