CFTUTIL utility display commands

This topic describes the Transfer CFT display command for Transfer CFT transport security.

Displaying the CFTSSL commands

The LISTPARM command accepts the SSL value for the TYPE parameter. This option is used to display the contents of a CFTSSL command.

The CFTSSL commands are displayed for the TYPE parameter ALL value.

Displaying the catalog (Content=FULL)

The LISTCAT command, CONTENT=FULL option, displays transport security information. This data is listed at the end of the display, after the Receiver application (RAPPL) field.

     Receiver application RAPPL =
1     SSL mode SSLMODE =
2     SSL authority policy SSLAUTH =
3     SSL cipher type SSLCIPH =
4     SSL profile ID SSLPROF =
5     SSL remote CA alias SSLRMCA =
6     SSL remote CN SSLRMCN =
7     SSL local user alias SSLUSER =
8     SSL certificate filename SSLCFNAM =
9     SSL user parameter SSLPARM =

The sections are only specified if the transfer was performed in an SSL session.

The following table contains comments on the new sections.

Section definitions for LISTCAT CONTENT=FULL

Section Description

SSL session direction used for the transfer.

C signifies client and S signifies server. 

SSL session authentication mode used for the transfer.

  • S signifies that only the server was authenticated.
  • B signifies that the client and server were authenticated.
  • A signifies that the anonymous mode has been implemented. 

Suite negotiated for the SSL session.

This suite is set to one of the values from the suites supported by Transfer CFT (1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10 or 47). 

Identifier of the CFTSSL command used to negotiate the session parameters. 

Certificate identifier of the authority that signed the certificate presented by the remote partner. 

32-character remote user certificate CN (Common Name) field.

If the certificate CN length exceeds 32 characters, it is truncated. 

Identifier of the user certificate used locally for authentication by the remote partner. 

Physical name of the file in which the certificate presented by the remote partner was recorded. 

Value of the PARM parameter in the CFTSSL command used to negotiate the session parameters. 

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