About PassPort AM

This section describes how to configure access management when not using Central Governance.


Axway PassPort Access Management centralizes Transfer CFT access management. PassPort AM provides:

  • Identity and access control for Axway products
  • Authentication via a user/password login
  • Authorization enabling user access to Axway products resources
  • Role-based access that defines privileges for users

User roles

The default roles are as follows:

  • Administrator provides full user access
  • Helpdesk enables you to view the Catalog and Log
  • Designer allows you to manage application flows
  • Application allows applications to request and manage transfers, and view the Catalog
  • PartnerManager allows you to manage partners


To configure the PassPort AM Connector in Transfer CFT, set the uconf parameters described in Configuring PassPort AM. You can use one of the following tools to set these parameters:

CSD file

Access information for PassPort AM integration is stored in a configuration file called Component Security Descriptor (CSD). This CSD file is delivered in an XML format. A sample CSD file is provided with the product.

A component identifies itself to PassPort via values for four properties: component name, component version, component group and instance.

PassPort knows three of these values (name, version, group) when it imports the CSD file. Upon importing the file, PassPort assigns an instance value of default. It is important to note that all four values must match on the PassPort and the Transfer CFT side. If not, your Transfer CFT cannot communicate with PassPort.

For more information, refer to PassPort AM CSD.

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