About access management exits

This section describes how to configure access management when not using Central Governance.

Transfer CFT offers an access management exit in the form of a dynamic library. This library implements a set of mandatory functions described in the $CFTINSTALLDIR/inc/exam.h file.

Functions include:

  • int exam_init(const char *username)
  • char* exam_get_version(void)
  • int exam_check_login(const char *username, const char *password)
  • int exam_change_password(const char *username, const char *old_password, const char *new_password)
  • int exam_check_permissions(EXAMPermission **perm_list)
  • int exam_check_potential_permissions(EXAMPermission **perm_list)

To help you get started, an Access Management exit sample is delivered in: $CFTDIRRUNTIME/src/exit/cftexamsmp1.c

For more information, see Delivered Access Management exit samples.

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