About exit lists

Exit list concepts

The exit list is an additional and optional component supplied with certain Transfer CFT products.

The Exit list is a file exit designed to allow distant partners to consult the Transfer CFT catalog of a central site or server. The Transfer CFT Exit list is an EXIT used for consulting the catalog.

The Exit list is not supplied with all Transfer CFT products. In addition, the form in which EXIT is delivered, as object, executable or other code, depends on the specific product configuration.

Using an exit list

The following section explains the steps involved when you use an exit list.

Set the exit parameters

The first step is to set the parameters as shown in the example below.


  • Remote requester partner
  • No specific parameter setting

Central sender site

EXIT = IDExitList
PARM = FileName,
RESERV = 16384,
PROG = FileExe

Note: The value 16384 for the RESERV parameter is MANDATORY and must not be changed.

Prepare the selection criteria file

After you have set the parameters for the central sender site, you should load the selection criteria file. The selection commands contained in this file are described in the next topic Selection criteria file. You must load this file in the central site before requesting the catalog.

By convention, the LOGICAL name of the Selection criteria must be the CFTEXIT command identifier. In the case of an MVS environment, the correspondence between the physical name and the logical name must be given by the JCL initiating Transfer CFT.

The name of the Selection criteria file may be defined in two different ways, by giving the:

  • Physical name in the PARM parameter, or
  • Logical name which must be the CFTEXIT object identifier

Request catalog

After you load the selection criteria file, you can make a catalog request. When you make a file reception request, use the CFTSEND object identifier that is associated with the Exit list as the IDF.




RECV     PART = &part,
IDF = IDFexit

The central site:

  • Recognizes the request for the catalog list by the transfer IDF
  • Processes the Selection criteria file
  • Consults the catalog
  • Sends the entries selected from the catalog to the requesting partner as fixed-length records. The selection implicitly chooses only catalog entries concerning this partner. This means that the Exit list does not allow a partner to consult the transfers sent to other partners

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