Directory exit examples

Parameter settings

With these Transfer CFT parameter settings, a directory exit task, name of the executable module: CFTEXIA, is activated each time Transfer CFT is started.

Server mode:

  • The user will have control if the identifier of the communication protocol to be used is psithd or psithe
  • The user will not have control for the ODETTE protocol identifier. Dynamic partner creation applies to the psithd protocol identifier

Requester mode, if the partner is:

  • Known to Transfer CFT, the user will have control if the associated CFTPART card contains the psithd or psithe protocol identifier
  • Not known to Transfer CFT, the user will have control, the communication protocol (which can be modified) will have psithd as identifier


/* CFTPARM Card */

cftparm     id     =     parm0          ,
     part = local          ,
     npart = local          ,
     prot = (odette,psithd,psithe)          ,
     mode = replace

/* CFTPROT Cards */

cftprot   id = psithd

          type = pesit

          prof = extern


          sap = 17501

          net = net0

          dynam = dynptn

          exita = exa

          mode = replace


cftprot   id = odette

          type = odette

          sap = 17502


          net = net0

          mode = replace


cftprot   id = psithe

          type = pesit

          prof = any


          sap = 17503

          net = net0

          exita = exa

          mode = replace


cftexit = exa

          parm = sample

          language = C

          prog = cftexia

          type = access

User program in C

In this example, you want to take control only if the partner is a Transfer CFT dynamic type, or non Transfer CFT.

In server mode, you want to check the password and address of the calling partner in relation to a non Transfer CFT partner base.

In requester mode, you want to find in a non Transfer CFT partner base, the name, network, sap and address of the remote partner as well as the network name and password to give to this partner.

To simplify, all of the bases are loaded in the memory with the EXIT task.

The user program is delivered with the Transfer CFT product as EXAXMP1.C in the samples file.

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