About Transfer CFT services in C

This section begins with this topic which provides information about using the Transfer CFT services in C language. It also contains topics that describe how to use the following services in C language.

This page describes the Transfer CFT programming interface. The programming interface is implemented by the calling application module link, with the Transfer CFT interface function modules.

The library of object modules supplied provides everything the programmer can requires.

This library also contains the file cftapi.h to be included in the application using the Transfer CFT programming interfaces.

Call syntax


rc = cftxx (verb,&ptr,param)




cftai: simple Transfer CFT catalog querying services

cftaix: extended Transfer CFT catalog querying services

cftau:  transfer services with syntax analysis

cftac: transfer services without syntax analysis


Service requested


Address of the internal control block


Parameters specific to the requested service


Return code


The cftau function must not be called from an ASIT exit.

Return codes

The return codes are returned by the programming interfaces in the form of mnemonics.

Note It is strongly recommended that you test the return codes of services provided by the Transfer CFT programming interfaces through mnemonics. The corresponding values may change without notice.

The return codes are listed in the cftapi.h source file.

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