User interfaces

Transfer CFT describes the following user interfaces in this section:

  • CFTUTIL command line interface: provides a means to manually enter lines of commands to manage processes
  • Central Governance: is an optional Axway user interface that provides a set of governance services, pending your license key
  • As of Transfer CFT 3.3.1, the Transfer CFT graphical user interface is a web browser user interface. You can use this interface to track and manage transfers, and consult the Transfer CFT log.
  • The former Transfer CFT UI, Copilot UI, provides frames, menus and icons you can use to manage the processes

See also the Command guide and syntax, which is a summary of all commands with their syntax and default values.

User interface comparison


Central Governance
(with Sentinel)

New user interface

Former user interface
(Copilot Java Web Start application)


X - X
Configuration X - X
Monitor transfers - X X
Manage transfers - X X
Monitor the log X X X
Manage certificates X - X
End-to-end monitoring X - -


Start, stop, and restart Transfer CFT.


Create configuration objects including partner definitions, transfer templates, protocols, and security profiles.

Monitor transfers

View the catalog file, which contains control data that is associated with transfers.

Manage transfers

Create, manage, and delete transfer requests.

Monitor the log

View log file.

Manage certificates

View and import certificates.

End-to-end monitoring

View a transfer process, from start to finish, along with all participants (sender, receiver, and intermediate participants).

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