[NCODE = {see comment | ASCII | BINARY | EBCDIC}]

All PeSIT profiles except SIT

The network data code to use for sending transfers.

Although there is no default value for this field, for each transfer it can implicitly take one of the following values:

  • ASCII or EBCDIC, depending on the partner computer code deduced from the SYST field

Additionally, with the parameters FCODE and XLATE,  NCODE determines the translation performed during a send transfer.

Whether the values are determined explicitly or implicitly:

  • If FCODE or NCODE is equal to BINARY, no translation is performed
  • If not (the local data and the on-line data being assumed to be coded in ASCII or EBCDIC):
  • If NCODE is equal to FCODE, ASCII/ASCII or EBCDIC/EBCDIC translation can only be performed with an external translation table (see the use of the XLATE parameter)
  • If NCODE is not FCODE, ASCII/EBCDIC or EBCDIC/ASCII translation is always performed, whether by means of an external translation table or the Transfer CFT internal translation table

It is only in the PeSIT protocol (if the profile is not SIT) that Transfer CFT can send a "data code" protocol parameter (an indicator); this parameter then corresponds to NCODE.

For other protocols, the receiver partner assumes that the data is coded in accordance with protocol conventions.

For further information, refer to Protocols.



Code of data sent over the network.

About translation during a transfer:

  • If a data translation must be performed, the translation table defined by CFTXLATE will be used. For the sender, the translation is done from FCODE to NCODE, and for the receiver from NCODE to FCODE.

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