Axway AMPLIFY Transfer CFT 3.3.2 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

This section lists new features and product enhancements added since the last major Transfer CFT release.

Major evolutions

New user interface: Transfer CFT features a new a web browser user interface. You can track and manage transfers and consult the Transfer CFT log with this user interface. See the User interface comparison table.

Amazon S3 connector: Transfer CFT now supports the use of Amazon S3 to store and retrieve large numbers of files. Transfer CFT implements Amazon S3 services using the AWS SDK (Amazon Web Services Software Development Kit). The Transfer CFT file process uses the AWS SDK to directly deposit or access files (binary) from S3 storage, without saving data on a local hard drive.

SFTP: You can now use the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to transfer files using Transfer CFT as a server as well as a client. Available as indicated in the Platform features table. Technical preview only

Custom ciphering key: You can now manage the ciphering key using the cftcrypt tool, which ciphers all passwords to protect sensitive data.

Minor evolutions and enhancements

  • Amazon Web Services Elastic File System (EFS) is available for use with Linux systems.
  • When working in UNIX environments, you can use the Bash auto-complete feature.
  • Added fine grain access control to the SERVICE:UI resource.
  • You can now use a password phrase in z/OS environments.
  • You can now enter a range of internal communication ports for use between nodes in a multi-node installation.
  • Added an EXECINFO catalog field, which contains the JOBID:JOBNAME of the last processing procedure executed for z/OS environments.
  • Added the NIDT attribute as catalog selection criteria.

Platform features

This table lists supported product features according to platform.

Functionality   Operating System
Windows UNIX z/OS IBM i HP NS OpenVMS
SFTP (Technical Preview) X ****        
Central Governance X X X X X  

SP and patch deployment

via Central Governance

X X        
Multi-node architecture X X X *   X
Secure Relay X X X X    
FIPS X X        
IPv6 X X X X X X
pTCP X X        
UDT X **        



*** X        

Enabled for the following platforms:

* Only one host

** Only applies to Linux-x86-32, Linux-x86-64, Linux-ia64 (64 bit)

*** Only applies to Windows-x86-32

**** Only applies to Linux-ia64-64, Linux-x86-64, Sun-x86-64, Sun-sparc-64

User interface comparison


Central Governance
(with Sentinel)

New user interface

Former user interface
(Copilot Java Web Start application)


X - X
Configuration X - X
Monitor transfers - X X
Manage transfers - X X
Monitor the log X X X
Manage certificates X - X
End-to-end monitoring X - -

Administration: Start, stop, and restart Transfer CFT.

Configuration: Create configuration objects including partner definitions, transfer templates, protocols, and security profiles.

Monitor transfers: View the catalog file, which contains control data that is associated with transfers.

Manage transfers: Create, manage, and delete transfer requests.

Monitor the log: View log file.

Manage certificates: View and import certificates.

End-to-end monitoring: View a transfer process, from start to finish, along with all participants (sender, receiver, and intermediate participants).

Supported file systems for multi-node architecture

The following non-exhaustive table lists shared file systems that have been tested with Transfer CFT.

Operating system Tested and supported Not supported
AIX GPFS (recommended), NFSv4 NFSv3, CXFS, VeritasSF
HP-UX NFSv4 NFSv3, CXFS, VeritasSF
Linux-x86 GPFS (recommended), NFSv4, GFS2, AWS EFS NFSv3, CXFS, ACFS, OCFSv1, OCFSv2, QFS, VeritasSF
Solaris NFSv4 NFSv3, CXFS, QFS, VeritasSF
Windows-x86 CIFS, GPFS CXFS, NFS
z/OS Sharing DASD across Sysplex  


  • SFTP implementation does not support messages or the store-and-forward functionality.
  • Presently, you cannot use Central Governance to manage SFTP flows for Transfer CFT.
  • You cannot use Copilot to manage SFTP protocol configurations.
  • The new Transfer CFT user interface runs on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Predefined filters in the new user interface are based on the client time, not the server time.
  • OpenVMS only - You must define the *--tmpfname* option before executing the encryption key renewal (cftcrypt --renewkey).
  • HP NonStop does not support EBICS protocol, or bandwidth management.



When using a Windows x86 (64-bit) system, you must install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (and not a later version) to provide necessary library files (DLL) for the compiler. For a win-x86-64 target, use vcredist_x64.exe.

Note   If the redistribution package is already installed on your Windows system, there is no need to reinstall.

Java support

You require Java version 7 or higher as a client to use the Copilot Java user interface.

Embedded Secure Relay

Transfer CFT 3.3.2 delivers an embedded Secure Relay MA 2.7.1 (only this version is supported). You must then additionally install the Secure Relay RA 2.7.1.

Upgrade procedure

All passwords stored in the UCONF dictionary, or in the Transfer CFT databases (for example, CFTPART, CFTPARM) are cyphered using the key generated at installation. If you are performing an upgrade, all passwords are cyphered using a hard-coded key. We recommend that you generate an encryption key, see the User Guide > Manage the ciphering key for details.

As of version 3.1.3 Transfer CFT benefits from a CUP (Composite Update Package), which includes both the installer and product upgrades, easing the process of upgrading your environment.

Additionally, as of 3.1.3 you can also use Central Governance to upgrade your Transfer CFTs.

Discontinued support

Changing technologies as well as evolution in our customers systems, drives the need for Axway to modify or discontinue support for some features. The following list summarizes discontinued functions that have been announced for Transfer CFT.

Discontinued platforms

The following platforms were previously supported in Transfer CFT 3.2.4; however, support is discontinued in Transfer CFT 3.3.2 and higher:

  • AIX Power 6
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 s390-32, s390-64
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ia64‐64
  • z/OS (MVS) 1.13

The following platforms were previously supported in Transfer CFT 3.1.3; however, support is discontinued in Transfer CFT 3.2.4 and higher:

  • HP‐UX 11iV1 (11.11) parisc‐32, parisc‐64
  • HP‐UX 11iV2 (11.23) parisc‐32, parisc‐64, ia64‐64
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 x86‐64 (64-operating system)
  • Windows Server 2003 x86‐32, x86‐64, ia64‐64
  • Windows XP x86‐32, x86‐64
  • Windows Vista x86‐32, x86‐64
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 x86‐32, x86‐64, ia64‐64
  • IBM i (OS/400) 6.1
  • Z/OS (MVS) 1.12

The following platforms were previously supported in Transfer CFT 3.0.1; however, support is discontinued in Transfer CFT 3.1.3 and higher:

  • AIX 5.3
  • SUSE 9 on s390 architecture
  • Solaris 8, Solaris 9
  • RHEL 3
  • Windows 2000
  • z/OS 1.10 and earlier
  • IBM i (OS/400) V5Rx

For a comprehensive list of supported platforms for Transfer CFT, please refer to the Axway Supported Platforms Guide.

Discontinued functions

The following list summarizes deprecated functions for Transfer CFT version 3.1.3 and higher. Deprecated features are non operational in the new version when you migrate, even though they display in the upgraded configuration. You should check for, and replace, deprecated features as part of the migration procedure.


  • API CICS (for z/OS)
  • VFM


  • Composer for Transfer CFT
  • Transfer CFT Navigator

Networks and protocols

  • Networks: LU62, SNA, DSA, X.25, and DNA
  • Protocol: ETEBAC

Discontinued in Transfer CFT 3.1.3 z/OS (MVS)

  • Transfer CFT z/OS no longer uses the SAS/C compiler. This results in the removal of interfaces specifically used by the SAS/C objects, such as the USERAPI module. Therefore, Transfer CFT API access is now done via a call to the DLL. Consequently, this constraint requires a slight modification to the source code; for example, you must use a Language Environment (LE) conforming Assembler.
    To assist users in understanding and implementing, EXIT and API samples in Assembler, C, and COBOL are delivered with Transfer CFT version 2.7.x and higher.

Deprecated in Transfer CFT 3.3.2 z/OS (MVS)

  • Communication mailbox (MBX)


This section describes documentation enhancements and related documentation.

Documentation enhancements

The following document updates take into account new product features and enhancements:

  • Added a new section for the SFTP, AWS A3, cyphering key, and EFS features.
  • Improvements to installation guides, including an upgrade section to the z/OS Installation Guide, and a deployment package section to the IBM i Installation Guide.

For more information about Transfer CFT, refer to:

  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 User Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 Local Administration Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 Security Guide    
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 Capacity Planning Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 UNIX Installation Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 Windows Installation Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 z/OS Installation and Operation Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 IBM i Installation and Operation Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 OpenVMS Installation and Operation Guide
  • Transfer CFT 3.3.2 HP NonStop Installation and Operation Guide

Support services

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