Titanium SDK Release Notes

Titanium SDK 9.0.3.GA - 10 June 2020

About this release

Titanium SDK 9.0.3 is a patch release of the SDK, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

As of this GA release, the previous Titanium SDK patch release (9.0.2) is no longer supported. End of support for this version will be 2020-12-10 or until the next patch release. Note: major and minor releases continue to be supported according to their nominal lifetime. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimesdocuments for details.


With the release of Titanium SDK 9.0.0, we will no longer support Node.js 8.X. Node 10.13.0 is the new minimum supported version.


Deprecation Notice: The next major release of the Titanium CLI, version 6.0.0, will no longer support plugins and hooks for commands other than "appc ti clean", "ti clean", "appc run", and "ti build". Titanium CLI v6 will have a new plugin system with a new hook system and it will be incompatible with Titanium CLI v5 plugins and hooks. Please refer to TIMOB-27233 and TIMOB-27255 for more information.


With the release of Titanium SDK 9.0.0, Windows platform will no longer be supported and has been removed from distribution in the SDK. Customers on Pro and Enterprise plans may continue to request critical fixes on SDK 8.x releases until August 18, 2020.

Bug Fixes

Android platform

iOS platform

SDK Module Versions

Module Android version iOS Version
facebook 9.0.0 7.0.1
ti.cloudpush 7.0.0 n/a
ti.map 5.0.1 3.3.0
ti.webdialog 2.0.0 1.2.0
ti.playservices 17.1.1 n/a
ti.identity 3.0.1 1.1.0
urlSession n/a 2.2.0
ti.coremotion n/a 2.1.0
ti.applesignin n/a 1.1.1
ti.cloud 3.2.11 3.2.11
hyperloop 5.0.3 5.0.3

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