Titanium SDK 5.1.2 Release Note

Titanium SDK 5.1.2.GA - General Availability 12 January 2016


About This Release

Titanium SDK 5.1.2.GA is a patch release of the SDK, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

As of this GA release, the previous Titanium SDK patch release is no longer supported. Note: major and minor releases continue to be supported according to their nominal lifetime. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.

Fixed Issues

  • TIMOB-19796: Android: CardView Layout property not working as expected
  • TIMOB-19798: CardView: contentPadding(X) and cardCornerRadius should use default unit
  • TIMOB-19821: Android 6.0: Device & emulator logs don't show up in studio console
  • TIMOB-19843: Android: CardView's cardMaxElevation should (marked as) be creation-only
  • TIMOB-19892: 5.1 RC can't install APK with cloud push on device
  • TIMOB-20061: TLS Version set in Android ignored on Publish
  • TIMOB-20003: Permission request error response message prefixed with namespace
  • TIMOB-20090: Android: Cardview doc requires changes
  • TIMOB-20100: Android: CardView backgroundImage & borderColor properties don't work
  • MOD-2148: Ti.CloudPush is not working on Android 6
  • TIMOB-2908: iOS: Switch - Disable animation on init and allow developer to disable for setValue
  • TIMOB-19741: iOS: webViews within a scrollableView disappear
  • TIMOB-19772: Prompt user to accept Xcode license agreement in response to "Error 69" in debug log
  • TIMOB-19967: Ti.SafariDialog: Huge list of warnings after GenerateDSYMFile
  • TIMOB-20002: iOS: Ti.Geolocation.requestLocationPermissions is not always called?
  • TIMOB-20013: iOS8: Ti.Contacts - relatedNames property causes crash
  • TIMOB-20048: iOS: Revert APSHTTPClient library to use back NSURLConnection
  • TIMOB-20087: 5.1.X breaks ability to bind one collection to different views / reset collection
  • TIMOB-20118: iOS9: Contacts property fullName does not return appropriate values
  • TIMOB-20133: Map annotations crash in 5.1.1
  • MOD-2178: iOS: Selecting annotations crashes the app
  • TIMOB-19116: Windows: Alloy compile errors not visible when ran via `appc run`
  • TIMOB-19886: Windows: Some unit tests failed for Windows Store app
  • TIMOB-20054: Windows: Use and generate correct Main_class.h when compiling
  • TIMOB-20110: Windows: Ti.UI.Textfield passwordMask=true doesn't work


  • TIMOB-19842:  Android: CardView cardPreventCornerOverlap and cardUseCompatPadding should not start with card
    • Deprecating cardPreventCornerOverlap and cardUseCompatPadding in favor or preventCornerOverlap and useCompatPadding. Developers will see a depreciation notice.
  • TIMOB-19802:  Android: CardView should use standard property names
    • Deprecating non-standard property names in favor of Android's CardView property names.
    • Old Property Name
      New Property Name
      cardBackgroundColor backgroundColor
      cardCornerRadius borderRadius









  • TIMOB-19045: Windows: Add -t windows to ti info command

    • You can now specify windows output with the -t flag with the ti info command.

API Changes

No APIs were modified for this release.

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