Hyperloop Sample Apps


This page lists information on how to use Hyperloop with existing projects and provides links to sample applications for both Android and iOS.


  • Titanium 5.4.0+
  • Alloy 1.8.0+

Running this app

BEFORE attempting to run this application, ensure that you have downloaded and followed the instructions from the appropriate guide below. There are specific prerequisites that must be first met before this application will run properly.

This sample application only runs on the simulator because it uses a demo application GUID. If you would like to run this application on device, you need to import the application into your own platform account using appc new --import.

Using Hyperloop on existing projects

If you’re going to run the Hyperloop example project, you do not need to do any additional installation to use Hyperloop. The project will allow you to run on the simulator using appc ti build -p ios.

If you’d like to use Hyperloop in a new or existing Titanium project, add the following code to your tiapp.xml to configure the plugin:


Next, you'll need to configure the module:


For iOS, you’ll need to add the following two elements as children to the <ios> node:

	<property name="run-on-main-thread" type="bool">true</property>

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