Hyperloop 2.2.0 Release Note

Hyperloop 2.2.0 - 20 October 2017

Hyperloop 2.2.0 is a feature release that includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New features

  • TIMOB-23853 - iOS - Support embedded binaries
    • Added full support for embedded / dynamic binaries including Swift frameworks
  • TIMOB-23854 - iOS - Support creating of Run Script phases
    • Added support to hooks scripts into the application build phase. This can be configured via the appc.js file with the following example:

      Run Script phase
       hyperloop: {
        ios: {
          xcodebuild: {
            scripts: [{
              name: 'My script phase',
              shellScript: '${APPC_PROJECT_DIR}/src/script.sh'


  • TIMOB-23956 - iOS: Improve error handling for non-default Xcode installations
    • Improved error handling for non-default Xcode installation
  • TIMOB-24623 - iOS: Drop support for CocoaPods 0.39 and below
    • Dropped support for CocoaPods 0.39 and below. Use CocoaPods 1.x instead as we support and recommend the latest version 1.3.1
  • TIMOB-24532 - Android: Use .aar handling from AndroidBuilder
    • Removed the AAR handling from Hyperloop hook; Instead, AAR handling relies on features introduced in Titanium SDK 6.1.0
  • TIMOB-24829 - Android: Slow Compile-time, too many JS-wrappers generated
    • Improved Android build performance by
      • Moving the Hyperloop wrapper sources from being processed by the normal Android build process (it will also no longer regenerate all wrappers on every build)
      • Hyperloop wrappers will no longer be copied to the Resources directory which caused some confusion in classic apps. The hook will now generate all files under the build directory.
      • All important build steps are now being able to work incrementally. This will allow the Hyperloop processing to only trigger for changed or deleted files instead all of them.


Starting in Hyperloop 2.2.0, manually configuring frameworks has been deprecated (TIMOB-25283) with the introduction of dynamic frameworks in modules in Titanium SDK 6.2.0 (TIMOB-20557) and the updated framework handling for Hyperloop. Instead, place your frameworks in app/platform/ios (Alloy) or platform/ios (Classic Titanium) in Hyperloop 2.0.0+ and they will be computed automatically. The use-case to directly use Objective-C and Swift source files should also be discouraged in favor of using frameworks.

Fixed issues

  • TIMOB-24151 - Android: Requiring certain classes throws an error
  • TIMOB-25372 - Android: The module android.support.v4.content.ContextCompat is missing with TiSDK 6.2.2.GA
  • TIMOB-23570 - iOS: Support use_frameworks flag in Cocoapods

  • TIMOB-24160 - iOS: Exclude CocoaPods products from being removed
  • TIMOB-24614 - iOS: AVFoundation/AVSpeechSynthesizer class not found
  • TIMOB-25341 - iOS: Error after iOS 11 / Xcode 9 update
  • TIMOB-25354 - iOS: Building hyperloop-examples app fails with Hyperloop 2.2.0
  • TIMOB-25401 - iOS: Hyperloop does not generate code for Flurry & Contentful Pods
  • TIMOB-25402 - iOS: Framework handling regressions
  • TIMOB-25403 - iOS: Can't find blocks from typedefs
  • TIMOB-25192 - Windows: Evaluating a null value from Hyperloop crashes the App
  • TIMOB-24644 - Windows: Decouple Hyperloop logic and Ti SDK

  • TIMOB-23926 - CLI: Improve Ti SDK handling durin CI builds
  • TIMOB-23948 - CLI: Replace deprecated wrench with fs-extra

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