Hyperloop 2.1.0 Release Note

Hyperloop 2.1.0 - 28 April 2017

Hyperloop 2.1.0 is a minor release that includes two new features and several bug fixes.

New features

  • TIMOB-24098 - Windows: Async native function calls
    • Integrated WinRT async operations with JavaScript Promises
  • TIMOB-24101 - Windows: Ability to use 3rd-party native classes
    • Added ability to use third-party dependencies in Hyperloop-enabled projects

Fixed issues

  • TIMOB-24369 - Hyperloop Android: JS wrappers for external AAR's dependencies not generated
  • TIMOB-20274 - Hyperloop: Plugin fails if the source does not contain HL references
  • TIMOB-23679 - Hyperloop-examples: GLCalendarView delegate crashes on iOS device
  • TIMOB-23902 - Hyperloop: iOS - Numeric attribute in blocks not returned correctly
  • TIMOB-24383 - Hyperloop: iOS - Objects returned from NSArray/NSSet unusable
  • TIMOB-24147 - Windows: Unable to "new" EasClientDeviceInformation

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