Hyperloop 2.0.0 Release Note

Hyperloop 2.0.0 - 18 October 2016

Hyperloop 2.0.0 is a major release that includes new improvements and bug fixes.

This version only supports Titanium SDK 6.0.0 and newer.


  • TIMOB-23911 - iOS: Improve the way properties are generated
    • Improved how the SDK handles instance properties for UIColor, NSBundle and other classes. Example:

      UIColor.greenColor() -> UIColor.greenColor
      UIScreen.mainScreen() -> UIScreen.mainScreen
      NSBundle.mainBundle() -> NSBundle.mainBundle
  • TIMOB-24027 - iOS: Provide migration help for new properties
    • Added a migration help for methods that are now accessed via properties in Hyperloop. Example log:

      [ERROR] Due to changes introduced in iOS 10 and Hyperloop 2.0.0 some method calls need
      [ERROR] to be changed to property access. It appears that you used some of the affected
      [ERROR] methods. Please see the following list to help you migrate your code:
      [ERROR]   File: controllers/animateview.js
      [ERROR]     Line 67: UIColor.redColor() -> UIColor.redColor
  • TIMOB-23704 - iOS: Improve error-message if Podfile has no Pods referenced
    • Improved error message if the Podfile has no prod reference. You should see a warning message like this:

      [WARN] :   [Hyperloop] Podfile found, but no pod's specified. Skipping ...

Fixed issues

  • TIMOB-23667 - iOS: Calling [object class] fails on device
  • TIMOB-23911 - iOS: Improve the way properties are generated
  • TIMOB-23971 - iOS: Hyperloop examples not working in 2.0.0 (regression)
  • TIMOB-24029 - iOS: Log-server port issue when running hyperloop example app on simulator
  • TIMOB-23912 - Android: Selecting "latest" in tiapp.xml for modules, while having both modules with apiversion 2 & 3 & building gives error "Found incompatible Titanium Modules"
  • TIMOB-23945 - Android: Hyperloop does not extract /jni/<abi>/*.so files from an aar
  • TIMOB-24012 - Android: crashing trying to load non-existing JS resources inside native modules
  • TIMOB-24021 - Android: require of native class android.content.Intent fails on SDK 6+
  • TIMOB-24022 - Android: Unable to instantiate hyperloop classes
  • TIMOB-23628 - Android: Unable to debug an application with run-on-main-thread set to true
  • TIMOB-23697 - Android: Dexer fails because of duplicated classes

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