Atom Package 1.1.0 Release Note

Atom Package 1.1.0 - 22 February 2018

Atom Package 1.1.0 is a minor release that includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New features

  • ATOM-11 - Snippets
    • Code snippets for common Alloy and Titanium APIs are provided for use in Alloy controllers and modules. A description of the snippet and link to documentation are provided where appropriate. Type the prefix and the autocomplete overlay will be displayed with matching snippets.

      Prefix Description
      tidebug Debug log message
      tierror Error log message
      tiinfo Info log message
      tiwarn Warn log message
      titrace Trace log message
      tiaddevent Add event listener
      tiremevent Remove event listener
      tifireevent Fire event
      tialer Show alert dialog
      tiopt Show option dialog
      tianim View animation
      tifile Open file
      tisound Play sound
      tiaudio Play local or remote audio
      tivideo Play local or remote video
      ticamera Open camera
      alglo Alloy Globals object
      alcfg Allog CFG object
      alcon Alloy create controller function
      alcol Alloy create collection function
      almod Alloy create model function
      alwid Alloy create widget function
      ifios iOS conditional statement
      idand Android conditional statement
      Irwin Windows conditional statement
  • ATOM-37 - Create Titanium projects within Atom
    • Added a menu item to create new Titanium projects (Packages > Appcelerator Titanium > New Titanium Project...)
  • ATOM-38 - Add support for building modules from Atom
    • Native module projects are now supported
  • ATOM-39 - Add keyboard shortcuts for opening related Alloy files

    Keymap Operation
    ctrl + alt + v Open related View
    ctrl + alt + s  Open related Style
    ctrl + alt + c  Open related Controller
    ctrl + alt + a  Open or close related files


  • ATOM-50 - Call `appc` command with full path
    • Added ability to specify full path to appc command in package settings. This may be required if Atom is unable to find the appc command automatically.

Fixed issues

  • ATOM-40 - Toolbar remains when closing project
  • ATOM-43 - Image suggestion is not working as expected
  • ATOM-49 - Fix error parsing tiapp.xml file

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