Mac client known issues

After installation or upgrade of Syncplicity, you might have missIn this topic you can find all known issues related to the Mac desktop client and possible workarounds for them:

  • (macOS 11 only) Black lock icon appears on locally mapped folders, when they are displayed in Syncplicity drivе.
  • (macOS 11 only) After installation or upgrade, you will see an empty login screen for a fraction of a second, after which it will close automatically.
  • (macOS 10.15 and later) When using the macOS Archive utility to create or unpack zip archives in the root of the Syncpoint, the operation fails. To avoid this, perform the operation within the Syncpoint’s subfolder or outside of the SyncDrive.
  • If a folder enters syncing state while one or more files are locked, the syncing operation cannot complete. The folder remains in this state until the files are unlocked. This is expected behavior and you can ignore it, as the remaining unlocked files in the folder are synchronized accordingly. When the locked files are unlocked, Syncplicity synchronizes them and the folder exits the syncing state.
  • Thumbnails and previews in SyncDrive are enabled only for files, that are cached locally.
  • Scanning of SyncDrive content with any third party antivirus scan may initiate the download of actual content.
  • If Finder is in Gallery view or Preview is enabled in SyncDrive folder, selecting a file (e.g with right-click) leads to download of the file. This applies mostly to audio, video and MS Office file types and exists in earlier versions of Syncplicity client for MacOS. The issue is not applicable for MacOS 10.15.3 or later.
  • After installation or upgrade of Syncplicity, you might have missing overlay icons or context menu options. Re-launch Finder to resolve this issue.

  • The file overlay icon stays in a synchronizing state if a download fails. Opening the file again starts the download and refreshes the overlay icon.

For known SyncDrive limitations please see SyncDrive for Mac users.

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